Separate Entrance & Basement Walkout

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The basement walkouts are often overlooked, however they actually play an important role. A basement walkout when constructed well can be a perfect place to store various household items and tools needed in everyday life, especially in a place with uniform temperature.

When developers are constructing a house, they cannot readily decide which entrance basement will be the most convenient for the owner. This leaves room for various basement renovation options. Before you begin to build a storage facility, you need to determine its purpose first.

A basement can be used for entrance and storing bulky and voluminous items. You can also save more space in your house by building the entrance from the street. A basement walkout ensures that your basement has an extra entry point.

Investing in basement renovation will increase the value of your home. Homes with walkout basements can be turned into income-generating basement apartments. They generate more income than standard basement homes. Apart from renting your basement, you can turn it into an extra living space for your children, or in-laws. A separate entrance will also give occupants the freedom and privacy they need.

Setting Up a Basement Walkout in the GTA

To make your basement walkout more comfortable to use, it should be longer and wider than the hatch. The higher the first floor of your house is, the fewer the steps you will require for your staircase. For the expansion joint, ensure to leave a gap between the outer wall of the basement and the walls of the stairs. The gap can later be filled with elastic material.

Basement waterproofing can be applied on the surface of walls from the ground. The walls can also be insulated with polystyrene foam. There should be an opening above the ground in one of the walls for ventilation purposes, especially during summer when there is excessive heat. This way, fresh air will freely flow in and out of the spaces above the stairs, and prevent the formation of moisture or excessive humidity.

Finishing the Basement Walkout

Adding full-size doors and windows in the basement will not only allow more light to pass through but will also make it feel like two or three stories high. You can also add extra square footage to increase the value of your home. Extra access points can be added to create ease when redecorating, as well as accommodate larger furniture or storage.

Some homeowners add oversized windows in the basement to increase natural light and make them look like the main floor. The basement can be turned into a home office, basement bar, or even exercise room. A well-renovated basement can become one of the most important places in your house.

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