Underpinning & Waterproofing


  • Underpinning
    •  Underpinning creates added height to your existing foundation, which in turn adds 100% usable living space to your basement it also adds positive value to your existing home.
  • External Waterproofing
    • Waterproofing the exterior of your home, is the most effective way to stop water from penetrating your foundation wall.
  • Internal Waterproofing
    • Internal Basement Waterproofing is a method to reduce moisture in your home. This technique is used when the source of dampness is from inside the house. Interior waterproofing is an essential process to convert a dark and musty basement into a habitable space.
  • Sump Pump Installation
    • If your basement gets flooded during the snow melt down or a heavy rain fall, you need to install a sump -pump to keep the underground water level low and avoid basement flood and reduce floor moisture.
  • Basement Side Entrance
    • Basement side or back entrance is done by digging dirt, cutting concrete, install stairs and drainage. This provides access to the basement and adds value to the house.


Have you noticed  cracks or leaks in your basement?  A leaky wet basement needs repair immediately otherwise it can lead to more problems if left untreated. We provide complete waterproofing solutions to your basement leaks or flooding problems.

We provide interior and exterior repair and waterproofing within a week. So that you can enjoy better in your home.

If you are planing to increase your basement height, we apply and obtain permit from the City, run all new plumbing, HVAC and electrical and underpin your basement to your required height.

Please book a free in-home consultation to get ideas and estimate.